Archaeological findings during the construction of Mall Plaza Arica
A window into local past

Mall Plaza Arica is located on the north perimeter of San José river estuary. Since the year 2014 in the context of its construction, the first studies that allowed to characterize the archaeological and historical records were carried out, generating archaeological monitoring, rescue and protection, following the indications of the National Monuments Council of Chile.
Construction works of Mall Plaza Arica gave evidence of different historical moments of development in this territory and the city of Arica. In the presence of these resources, the construction of this property has respected all legal conditions, which safeguard and value the local history of Arica.
Human occupation in our city has been continuous. From the beginning, human groups were nomadic hunter-gatherers and fishermen, organized in bands located at the confluence of the San José and Acha rivers. Over the years, populations gradually decided to settle for a longer time in coastal landscapes and valleys, which provide the comfort for the development of the domestication of animals and vegetables, becoming sedentary societies, farmers and fisherwomen.

Coastal populations in prehistory

Pacific War

The Tsunami of 1868

Arica during industrialization

Final reflections