Arica during industrialization

During the process of excavation for the construction of galleries and commercial stores next to the store “Ripley”, a new archaeological site located 3 meters deep was unveiled. This site corresponds to a tunnel made of brick. The location of the finding has a spatial relationship with an old tin chimney, which was 9 meters away. Its construction shows the use of bricks resistant to high temperatures. The structure was designed to be underground since the semicircular shape allows weight, force and pressure to be distributed without compromising the integrity of the structure. Inside the tunnel was identified a layer of ash that denotes large and continuous volumes of burning activity. The tunnel has a height of 120 cm (47,24 inches), which indicates that it was used as a ventilation method or for the maintenance of the tin chimney.

The chimney presents an inscription of the year 1917; the records described it as part of the “Chilean Tin Foundry Company” founded in 1915 by the “Chilean Society of Llallagua Mines” and the French company “Sociedad Fonderies de Arica”, founded the year 1920. The objective of the factory was to melt the metals of the mines of Bolivia and ship them through the port of Arica
Nowadays, the tunnel is adequately sealed underground, ensuring its conservation for years.

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